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Neem Wood Comb (Fine and Wide Tooth)

Neem Wood Comb (Fine and Wide Tooth)


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Wooden combs are in general suitable for daily use. Using our combs in the long term will give you healthy-looking hair. Benefits of using wooden combs - speeds up blood circulation, prevents hair tangling and helps manage split ends. It promotes a healthy scalp, helps prevent dandruff & detangles effectively without breakage!


Why Switch to Neem Wood Hair Combs?

  • Speed up blood circulation
  • Prevents hair tangling
  • Helps manage split ends
  • Reduce hair fall & dandruff
  • Trigger hair growth
  • Handmade & Eco- Friendly
  • Add Shine to your hair.
  • 100% Natural Toxin Free

Suitable for men & women.

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