We started Athinika Beauty Care in 2019 with three strong reasons behind it - 1. To break the use of chemicals in beauty products by using only organic and natural ingredients. 2. To handcraft products according to every skin type or hair type 3. To make products that do not compromise on quality and are 100% safe to use. We drew inspiration for natural beauty from the world around us, nature, to be precise. We are gifted with abundant pleasing ingredients directly from the earth and we wanted to deliver regime-oriented beauty care products from it.  We believe in helping and protecting our customers through our authentic, eco-conscious products. Our team ensures to render products of high standards with a tint of ancient culture and tradition. With strong focus and profound detail to quality we have been able to emerge as a successful team with over 5000 happy customers in a short span of time.


                          YOUR BEAUTY IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY

Skin is regarded as a complex and sensitive part of our body. Over the years, we have been pushed to live amidst pollution and chemically harmful substances. This adds an extra responsibility to take utmost care of our skin. Athinika bears this responsibility for our customers by taking utmost care in designing and formulating our beauty products to protect our customers from every such hindrance.

Every skin is beautiful but different. Our products are specially handcrafted in such a way it functions according to your skin type. We believe, any product is only as good as the ingredients used to make them.Every product of ours is made of chemical free, cruelty free ingredients making it extremely safe to use. The goodness of the plant extracts, natural extracts and botanical ingredients will ensure your skin glows inside out and keeps your skin well nourished. The same applies for our hair and other products as well. Our beauty care products deliver unparalleled benefits for skin and hair. To  put it in a nutshell, Athinika’s beauty care products are products which take care of your beauty. Your beauty, our guarantee.

                                             OUR VALUES

We are a values-driven organization. We respect the trust of our customers and we owe it to them. We as a team are committed to sail away from the stereotypical chemical based beauty products and bestow only high quality natural products for our customers. Our meticulous mission is to keep developing skincare and haircare products which are harnessed by nutrient rich ingredients. Our products are specially designed as a delight to your skin, body and hair.


Being ardent nature lovers, we are super eco-conscious about everything we do right from laying formulation for our products to packing and delivering them. By abiding to honesty and living by our values, we have been successfully able to launch 150+ products in the market. Give our products a chance to talk to your skin. We believe you will absolutely love it.