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24K Golden Glow Serum - with Vitamin C

24K Golden Glow Serum - with Vitamin C


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"Get ready to shine! Our 24K Gold Serum with Vitamin C combines the finest ingredients to reveal brighter, more radiant skin." 

If you're struggling with dull and damaged skin, you know the attention it demands. Excess oil often clogs skin pores, leading to various skin problems like dark spots, acne and pimples. The magic potion to remove dullness, discoloration and dark spots.

Vitamin C protects the skin from sun damage, it also boosts the production of collagen, leading to removing wrinkles and sagging of skin. It makes skin firmer and smooth and even skin tone. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C help fight free radicals and damage caused by UV rays.

SHELF LIFE: 4 Months from the date of packing



  • 24k Gold: Experience the opulence of pure gold, revered for centuries for its skin-rejuvenating properties. Luxuriate in its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant prowess, leaving your skin imbued with a luminous glow.
  • Vitamin C: Unleash the brightening power of vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that combats dullness and discoloration. Revel in its ability to revitalize your complexion, revealing a radiant and even-toned visage.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Immerse your skin in a hydrating oasis with the moisture-locking magic of hyaluronic acid. Plump and rejuvenate your skin as it drinks in the replenishing hydration, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Niacinamide: Embark on a journey to flawless skin with niacinamide, a multitasking marvel. Banish blemishes, minimize pores, and soothe inflammation as your skin basks in its transformative effects.
  • Silk Protein & Natural Betain: Experience the touch of silk as it caresses your skin, imparting a velvety softness and unparalleled smoothness. Reveal a more youthful complexion as silk protein nourishes and revitalizes your skin from within.


  • Start by cleansing your face
  • Apply toner and gently pat it dry
  • Apply 3-4 drops evenly
  • Leave overnight
  • In the morning, cleanse with a gentle face wash


Best suited for normal, combination and dry skin types.

Suitable for both men and women.

Each and every skin is different. We recommend doing a patch test before using it on a whole.


  • For sensitive skin, please check whether any ingredients are allergic.
  • All our products are free from Animal testing and contain
    No parabens, No sulphates, No silicones, and no harsh chemicals.
  • All the ingredients used are natural and plant-based.


Keep the product in a cool dry place away from sunlight and closed at all times.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with cool water.

As our products are handcrafted with natural & organic
ingredients in small batches, there may be slight variations in their colour and aroma.

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